Hello Atlanta Marketers!
We Are Fuse.

Often, when two or more things come together, this fusion creates a result that is greater than the sum of its parts. As we bring together the most passionate and brightest minds of Atlanta’s marketing world, we are creating a community that truly represents the all that our diverse and dynamic city has to offer. Our goal is to build a brighter future for marketing, be it digital or otherwise. We will become Atlanta marketing’s hub for conversation, inspiration, and celebration.

We’re lighting a fuse. What happens next? Well, that’s up to all of us.
Are you ready?

Why We Changed

Many thanks and appreciation to the previous leadership which led AIMA for 20 amazing years. But like the rest of the world, marketing has changed. And 2020 changed things a lot. So we paused, took a long look at ourselves and had many discussions that unearthed a hard reality. We needed to change things if we wanted to stay relevant.

While there are many places to learn best practices and listen to thought leaders, there really hasn’t been any true community of marketers who looked to each other for camaraderie, support or meaningful conversations. A community where we can inspire and celebrate each other. Worry less about “how” and focus on nurturing our “why”.
Welcome to Fuse. Now, let the fun begin.

From Our Board

Hear from our board firsthand on why they felt the change was needed, what you can expect moving forward, and how we hope to change the dynamics of corporate sponsorships in our community.

What We Believe In

• Beyond education, Atlanta's marketing community is hungry for inspiration
• We must be always-on and purpose-driven
• Being part of our community will be free, always
• The right partnerships, not just sponsorhips, will make a bigger impact on our community
• Passionate people like you to join our cause and help us reach our goals

Got FOMO? Then join us!

Curious? Unsure? Wanna learn more? Well, simply join our ever growing online Slack community today to be in the know of what your fellow marketing professionals are sharing and discussing.